Dear friends,

After more than 10 years of recording Photoshop Workbench tutorials, the time has come for me to step away from the microphone and turn my attention to exciting new creative endeavors. Thank you so much for all of your support, enthusiasm, and kindness. It’s been an amazing, inspiring, and beautiful ride!

To make this transition as smooth as possible for everybody, and to ensure that you have an opportunity to continue your educational journey, I’ve listed several important dates, details, and discounts below.

April 5 – May 31

All products (including my Photoshop Workbench DVDs which feature every Workbench tutorial ever created) on sale at a 25% discount. Enter code THANKU25 at checkout. As of June 1, Workbench DVDs will be the only way to view my Photoshop Workbench tutorials. They will no longer be available on my website or anywhere else.

Pre-orders available for Photoshop Workbench Volume 8. This product will not ship until the second week of June.

April 30

Final day to sign up for a 1-month MSJPhotography membership. Everyone who registers for a membership in April will have access to site content through May 31.

May 31

Final day to view Photoshop Workbench and Lightroom tutorials on website, and last day to purchase products.

All of David Marx’s Lightroom tutorials become available on his new site.

With overwhelming gratitude,



About The Author

Adobe Photoshop Luminary

Mark S. Johnson is an Adobe Photoshop luminary, a photographer, an author, and one of the most passionate instructors you will ever encounter. Through the Rocky Mountain School of Photography, The Radiant Vista, and Boulder Digital Arts, he has lectured in front of and worked side-by-side with countless individuals, including Adobe’s Chief Executive Officers, Jane Goodall, the U.S. Ambassador to Finland, and Academy Award winning director, Louie Psihoyos. Mark’s tutorials appear regularly on the KelbyOne and Planet Photoshop websites, and his imagery and articles have been featured in Photoshop User, Photo Techniques, Nature’s Best, and After Capture magazines. He is a contributor to Dewitt Jones’ heartwarming Healing Images campaign and a Trey Ratcliff Flatbooks author.