Welcome to pixeLobby!


pixeLobby is designed to be your “inspirations nook” for photography and design, to assist you in getting from point A to Z with it’s resources.

There are many groups and pages you can go to to find what you want, but here we try to be your library, so to speak, of resources related to anything

Art, Digital Art, Graphic Design, or Photography.

  • We have Channels – which help you to access all about certain artists and educators.
  • We have Spotlights  – which will feature different artists and their work with a mini questionnaire they have answered.
  • We have the Library – which will break down into topics and allow you to find answers to your questions within the realm of Art-Photography
  • We have a Blog – where we will be bringing you new blogs on all the topics we feel you would enjoy learning about.
  • We have a FB page where you can come and socialize! This is where you get to ask your questions and speak with our team!
  • We will so be bringing you a Podcast!

PixeLobby is created by the pixeLobby Team.


About The Author

Photographer all her life - professionally since 2006. Dabbled in Digital Art & Graphic Design since 2006. Founder and co owner of pixeLobby Owner of CJ Wilkes Photography Co owner of Wilkerson Art Co owner of Medeek Design & Engineering Wife to Nathaniel P Wilkerson and Mother to 5 children.