Adobe today released an update to Photoshop CC which contains many new features as well as some bug fixes.  The updates are only available in the Creative Cloud release of Photoshop and are not yet available in the stand-alone version.

New features include:

Creative Cloud Libraries enhancements

Faster content searching as well as brushes and bulk import have been added to the Creative Cloud Libraries.

Updated UI with clean interface and enhancements for use on touch-enabled devices like the Microsoft Surface Pro

The entire Photoshop UI has had a bit of a facelift including more flat-looking tools and sliders.


For those who have the Microsoft Surface Pro and other touch-enabled devices, Photoshop required a bit too much fine-control.  Previewed in previous versions, the new Photoshop CC 2015.1 release provides more accessible touch-enabled interface.

Design Space (Preview) enhancements

This streamlined-interface for UX/UI designers provides access to the specific tools needed. Nested-layer functionality means that layers can be grouped and their contents accessed through clicking directly on the items, rather than using the Layers panel.


In my experience, the Design Space wasn’t accessible using Windows 7, however it did appear under Windows 10.

design space 2

Artboard enhancements

Artboards were added in a previous release and they provide UX/UI designers a way to design directly for the sizes of devices they’re targeting as well as responsive designs. They’re containers for layers/elements, set to a specified size. They’re also useful for creating multi-page documents and/or a set of related designs that share resources.  I use artboards to create banner ads of many varying sizes.  The new enhancements add guides and grids to individual artboards, which move with the artboard.

Adobe Fuse CC (Preview) integration with Photoshop CC


Adobe Fuse CC (Preview) was demonstrated at Adobe MAX in October and is a 3D Character designer similar to Poser though with fewer features (at this point.) The new release of Photoshop provides easy access to characters created in Fuse CC for composition. The characters remain 3D objects and are editable in Photoshop’s 3D interface.

Adobe Camera Raw 9 enhancements

With this release of Photoshop comes Adobe Camera Raw 9.2, adding dehaze as a local adjustment and quick navigation utilizing the systems GPU.

As with the recent update of Lightroom, dehaze has been added to local adjustments including brushes and gradients. Now select areas of an image can have haze reduction (or addition) quickly adjusted.

If you have a GPU (video card) in your system and it is enabled in Photoshop, Adobe Camera Raw will provide a much more streamlined navigation experience when zooming or moving around within an image.  My tests show a much improved navigation experience even in large files.

Font Enhancements

Finding the right font has always been a chore, especially if you have many fonts.  With the new release, you can mark favorite fonts with a star, as well as search for fonts by their attributes like serif or sans serif, or by similarity.

new font dialog

Return of the Oil Paint filter

The beloved Oil Paint filter has returned. With the filter (found under Filter/Stylize/Oil Paint) is a new dialog that provides better access to the features of the filter.  I would still recommend Topaz Impression if you’re wanting a serious oil paint look.

oil paint

Faster exporting

The “Export As” dialog has been streamlined and the export seems faster. Adobe has also added the ability to export the same images as multiple sizes and embed metadata to the exported images.

See the complete new features summary here, or the overall summary here.