This week Adobe released an update for Photoshop with several exciting new features.  This is a substantial update that may drastically alter your work flow.

* Note, if you have Creative Cloud and are unable to see the update. Make sure you go to the Gear icon, select Preferences, and then click Sign Out. Once you sign back in, you should see the available updates.  Also review Adobe’s notes here on 3rd-Party plugins before installing.

The new features inclue:

Select & Mask – Taskspace

Masking has always been a chore in Photoshop, but a new taskspace dedicated to making masks through selections can help. This new taskspace replaces Refine Edge and Refine Mask providing more control over masking.

new masking interface

What a good looking guy… I mean mask.

This new dedicated taskspace helps you make precise selections and masks more easily than ever. Use tools like Refine Edge Brush to cleanly separate foreground and background elements. This new feature replaces the old Refine Edge and Refine Mask.

Enhanced Type Tools

Font Grouping
Fonts are now grouped by family by default, clicking a carrot next to the font family name brings up that family’s list of available fonts..  This is a boon to those of us who have too many fonts installed!

font window

Font Matching
Photoshop will now show you a list of similar fonts to your existing selection either on your system or in Typekit.  Photoshop will also attempt to match text that is select on an area of photo from available fonts.  If a similar font is available in Typekit, it can be downloaded right from the Match Font window.

match font1match font2


Glyph Selection
Finding the right glyph in a font has always been a labor-intensive task. Now you can select different glyphs in a string of text easily by selecting the letter, a grey glyph box will pop-up if there is an available glyph for the letter.


Content Aware Crop

Adobe has extended Content Aware technology to include the crop tool.  In my testing this works really well with landscapes.

Content Aware Crop - Awesome!

Content Aware Crop – Awesome!

This also works with the straighten feature.

Face-Aware Liquify

Liquify gets an update that utilizes some of the cool technology found in Adobe’s Photoshop Fix mobile app. Liquify can now identify a face in an image and add face adjusting tools.

face liqufy


Make sure to check out Jesús Ramirez’ Photoshop Training Channel for videos of these new features plus tutorials and more! Also see Julianne Kost’s site for even more.

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