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About Alicia D’Amico:

Alicia is owner of Pure Emotions Photography. Pure Emotions Photography is recognized as an innovative leader in the photography industry.  Our work is often described as Fine Art.  We perfect the little details so that your imagery can be hung largely with pride on the walls of your home.  We are down to earth and fun to be around but take our commitment to providing you with exceptional imagery very seriously.  Your memories are as important to us as they are to you.


There is an excellent Get to Know Me on Alicia at Pure Workshops

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Workshop November 21-23

Portfolio for Maternity


Recently Alicia was spotlighted by pixeLobby HERE



Alicia is not just known for her maternity but she rocks the wedding world as well!



Her use of vibrant and true colors has found a perfect marriage in Indian Weddings!



When getting to know Alicia and her many sides to photography I discovered her ability to bring the realities of this world to light as well. She exposes hunger and homelessness in a very real light in one collection that she had featured. When an artist can not only tell the vibrant and dream like stories and turn around to bring the true and raw realities, you know you have found a gem.



Alicia D’Amico has a big presence in both Facebook and the internet as a whole with her striking images. Not only that though. She has mad writing skills and can be found on SLR Lounge and in articles for other media. She will be bringing some awesome pieces to share with our audience on pixeLobby as well.

You might have seen some of Alicia’s underwater works on social media as well. She is blowing up the world with images that make one say WOW! Images that make one want to see more!




To follow Alicia and her work you can visit her here:








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