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by Blake Rudis


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About The Author

HDR Specialist & Photographer

About Blake Rudis… Who is this guy anyway? Let me tell you all about myself in past tense-third person, for dramatic effect of course! Blake has been into art his entire life, not necessarily Photography, but art in general. He received his Bachelor’s in Fine Art with a concentration in Printmaking from the University of Delaware in 2006. He had a love for Sculpture, but did not have quite enough credits to make it a declared minor. He loved every aspect of art at the University except Photography. In college Blake despised the attitudes of photographers, they always made snide remarks like, “Why do I need to draw or make these stupid prints, I am a Photographer?” or “What does sculpture have to do with Photography?” Shortly after graduating Blake moved to California to pursue a full time position. He strongly pursued painting upon his arrival. He leased a painting studio in an old canning factory in San Jose. He created over 43 paintings in one year, but after an epic failure at a horrible gallery Blake got discouraged. He needed a new artistic venture. Despite his bitter resentment toward photographers, Blake picked up his first DSLR. He could not stop photographing the California coast. This went on for a few years, until once again; Blake became discouraged with yet another art form. He couldn’t get his images to appear exactly as he saw them. No matter how hard he post processed them they just did not do the California coast the justice it deserved. Just as Blake was about to give up on the camera he discovered High Dynamic Range photography. In the heat of passion (or maybe it was because his wife moved in and he needed more space) he packed up his paints, easel and desk and delved full heartedly into the new found world of highly detailed, highly colorful, and most importantly, accurate photography. For once, Blake could finally recreate a scene exactly as he saw it without washed out skies and dull colors. He became infatuated with the process. He started seeing everything in HDR. He ate, slept, and breathed exposure values for months until he could wrap his head around tone mapping. Finally, Blake can say he has found his art form, and thank goodness, he was running out of options! Oh, and for the record, he no longer despises photographers!