Photoshop has built-in video capabilities that make it possible for photographers with zero background in video to quickly and easily add dramatic motion effects to our scenes. Although we may not use these effects often, imagine the impact an opening slide with motion can have on a website, video, or live presentation. In today’s Photoshop Workbench tutorial, we’ll focus on creating a beautiful motion effect where the background zooms independently of the primary subject.

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Mark S. Johnson is an Adobe Photoshop luminary, a photographer, an author, and one of the most passionate instructors you will ever encounter. Through the Rocky Mountain School of Photography, The Radiant Vista, and Boulder Digital Arts, he has lectured in front of and worked side-by-side with countless individuals, including Adobe’s Chief Executive Officers, Jane Goodall, the U.S. Ambassador to Finland, and Academy Award winning director, Louie Psihoyos. Mark’s tutorials appear regularly on the KelbyOne and Planet Photoshop websites, and his imagery and articles have been featured in Photoshop User, Photo Techniques, Nature’s Best, and After Capture magazines. He is a contributor to Dewitt Jones’ heartwarming Healing Images campaign and a Trey Ratcliff Flatbooks author.