Embrace the Challenge Aug. 7, 2015




Incorporating the Elements  Earth, Fire, WaterWind

This weeks element is Earth

Often we look for props to add to an image. We rack our brains for what would be a great co subject to feature in a photo with our subjects. Some will spend lots of money just for the perfect prop. In time those props take up space that we may or may not have. Either way, sometimes it is fun to try something new. Stop and look at the world around you. In a city we have buildings – Architecture that supplies shapes, texture… intrigue of its own. But what if we had only nature itself to rely on?

This brought me to the thought of going back to the very basic of basic. Nothing man made. As my children often talk – the Elements! Earth, Fire, Water, Wind. Why not?! They all can add something spectacular to a shoot. Recently my kids were inspired by Anne Geddes.  More specifically, my daughter Nathanya. She adores all of Anne Geddes work.  She ran across her Mud People Shoot and asked if we could do a mud shoot for our family projects.


Mud People ~ Anne Geddes

Mud People ~ Anne Geddes


She was inspired and so was I. Making something like mud a piece of art. Of coarse we wanted to be a little different so we changed it up in color and setting. The kids loved it so much that they begged for us to do a similar shoot again some day.



In doing the shoot we took time to find a setting that would work. We live in a colder environment so it was important to make sure that we were near warm water. We had blankets and towels on hand. We took a very large plastic container and filled it with hot water from inside the house. We had a spray bottle on hand to keep the mud moist as well. (It dries fast!) We had water bottles so they did not dehydrate because mud can dehydrate a person. You can use bog mud or mud around you. I opted to purchase mud because the mud around us can have worms or bugs – and I did not want the kids to have to fight an issue like those. Buying mud that is used for spas to bath in was the only option that I felt was best for my children. I was able to choose the color of mud used as well.

We also considered the tall grass because of the contrast in color. Our other idea would be to do it on black rocks – but it all came down to the convenience and privacy of our own home.

So now I challenge you all this week to shoot using the element “Earth” as your co subject in your images. Come to our Facebook Group and post your plays. Share what your element choice was and some information on how you went about choosing and shooting it!  pixeLobby Facebook Group


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