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Clam Dig

Clam Dig


May 8, 2015  This weeks Challenge is Stitching photos together.

There are things that can help you create a great panoramic image or assist in a project where you will be stitching images together. Phlearn has 5 gear suggestions for panoramics that will help take the images to another level HERE

Panoramic images are not the only images that require stitching. I have used it for creating looks or characters for different project. The latest was our Family Halloween Project. What was done was stitching body parts together in a way to create the exact desired look.


Tug-O-War by CJ Wilkes Photography



3 images stitched to create the final product CJ Wilkes Photography




Lost – N – Found by CJ Wilkes Photography


I have been asked why I would stitch people together to create a look. Well, the imagination is one thing – You can’t always get it in one shot. If you desire to create something dreamlike or different, you may need to take several shots and piece it together. I have thousands of pictures of my children – but coming up with unique images of them using alternate looks or poses is fun and exciting for all of us. I am still using their body parts and expressions – however, I am piecing together the eyes or the angles that work best.  At CJWilkes.com I posted a more detailed write up that explains my minds reasoning and process with these last 2 composites HERE and HERE


Jesus Ramirez of the Photoshop Training Channel has a fantastic video that shows face swapping. He uses a technique that is used for panorama images as well. Worth the look!




Embrace the challenge – and share your plays in the FB group HERE

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