Spotlight ~ Alicia D’Amico



We gave a mini questionnaire to Alicia:

A – What program do you edit with primarily?


I use Adoble Camera RAW combined with Photoshop. Together, they give me complete control of image output and I’ve been told I am a control freak so that’s just perfect!!



B – What tool could you not live without in that program?

Oh man, this is a tough one. There are so many tools that I use on every single image. Can I cheat here and say Command-Z since it allows me to go backwards when I make a mistake? grin emoticon I guess I’d say curves if I could only choose one because it allows me to control both color and light.



C – What advice to you give in general to those who follow you?

For my followers, I always suggest that they connect with their inner selves and what inspires them when they watch movies or flip through magazines. I think as artists we more capable of creating and selling imagery that we’re truly passionate about. I never do something just because it’s popular. I create what I feel deeply within myself and bring that to life the best I can.

Alicia D’Amico

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Great news for pixeLobby! Alicia D’Amico will be one of our set artists and be bringing you some amazing articles. Look for her under our Artists Section very soon!