pixeLobby Spotlight Saturday We would like to spotlight Jane Long!



Lily & Uriel by Jane Long

Lily & Uriel by Jane Long



Mini questionnaire that we asked Jane Long to answer for the group:


A -What program do you edit with primarily?

answer:  Cs6 Photoshop CC 2014

B -What tool could you not live without in that program?

answer:  Curves adjustment layers (or if you want a specific tool rather than function,

I’d say the healing brush)

C -What advice do you give in general to those who follow you?

answer:  My advice to people is there are no short cuts. If you see an image that looks

amazing, it probably took much longer to create than you think. It’s worth taking the time

to get it right. Reshoot if you have to. Throw it all out and start again if you have to but

don’t think you can spend an hour in Photoshop and consistently come up with brilliant



Lily Triptych

Lily and Uriel collection by Jane Long



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Work by Jane Long

Work by Jane Long