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A –What program do you edit with primarily?

answer: I would say Photoshop

B –What tool could you not live without in that program?

answer: Well, that’s a nice question, I’ve never taught about that hum… I think there are two tools that i couldn’t live without since i use them a lot. One is the healing brush tool, i use this a lot, mainly in skin retouching but also with food retouching, this tool gives you the ability to sample an area of pixels and blend with the specified area, and the magic thing is that this tool controls automatically the luminosity and color of the area and it blends perfect, it is like a clone stamp tool but with steroids. The second tool would be the pen tool, I hate rotoscoping but i have to do it always for compositing or for isolating areas that i don’t want to be affected by other areas , this is the most powerful and precise tool to make masking, combined with the refine mask option personally.

C –What advice to you give in general to those who follow you?

answer: Fill your mind with what you want to achieve, and by this i mean that you have to always watch references of what you want to create, an specific retouch, a type of compositing, lighting, color grading, etc., because the brain will do what you have in your mind, so if you fill your mind with shit, you’ll do shit, if you fill your mind with awesomeness, your brain will be educated to create awesomeness every time you try to create something. Never ever try to be as someone, if you like a style, find a way, experiment and ask questions about how it was done, try to replicate that, and when you achieve or get closer to that result, that will give you more abilities and you will learn new process of doing something, but never try to make other ones passion your passion, because that’s the first step of not believing in your self and in your own madness, every one of us have a beautiful madness, you just have to trust in yours. I’ve made a lot of times the mistake of trying to be like someone, or trying to make something like my work, sometimes works, sometimes not, but what is going to make you happy is following your own madness, believe me, follow it, you won’t regret it, and, most important, always believe in yourself. There’s gonna be a lot of douche bags out there, don’t be one of them. If you get really good at something, always share the knowledge and be humble, knowledge was made for sharing, that’s how it grows and we evolve as light beings.

Mario Olvera

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