Featured Spotlight ~ Robert Sanders




Mini Questionnaire for Robert

A –What program do you edit with primarily?

answer: Ps5 and Ps6 and a little touch of Lightroom.

B –What tool could you not live without in that program?

answer: cutting tool of course. Dodging and Burning and Highlight/shadow control.

C –What advice to you give in general to those who follow you?

answer: think in stories before you start. No limits in fantasie but also keep it simple Practicing….Practicing…Practicing. I will mail you one.

Kind regards from the Netherlands. Robert


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Photographer all her life - professionally since 2006. Dabbled in Digital Art & Graphic Design since 2006. Founder and co owner of pixeLobby Owner of CJ Wilkes Photography Co owner of Wilkerson Art Co owner of Medeek Design & Engineering Wife to Nathaniel P Wilkerson and Mother to 5 children.