I challenge you to a duel! No, not really.  I’d like some feedback from you all.  Tell me what challenges interest you.  Do you want more photography challenges?  More editing?  More graphics type of  stuff?  I want to give you things to think about; things to imagine and wonder about.  I want you out of your comfort zones, and into the discomfort of growth.  It’s difficult to post challenges that will entice the masses, as there are all different levels of photographers reading these posts, from beginners, to full time professionals.
My challenge to you this week is Landscapes.   I am NOT a landscape photographer.  That being said, after I planned a trip to Ireland, I realized that the time to learn was NOW.  There is something about an amazing landscape that takes you to a different place.  I have seen landscapes that make me want to weep with the beauty of it, am I the only one?
Here are my humble attempts at landscapes.
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