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Five Questions for Gear Up Sunday:


Photography gear – love it or hate it, it’s an integral part of what we do. My gear falls into two categories; gear I use all the time and gear I use only occasionally.

So here are five questions for gear Sunday. Here are my answers, please post yours at our FB Group HERE.   :)


1. What is your favourite piece of gear (besides your camera)?

My tripod. I am using working on my own, so this allows me to move around adjusting lights etc, whilst my camera is firmly in the same place.


2. What is your least favourite piece of gear?

Anything heavy that I have to carry for long distances on location.


3. What piece of gear would you never be without?

UV filter on my lens, which have protected them from damage on more than one occasion.


4. Name something not photography related that you always have in your gear bag.

A small towel; comes in handy more often than you might think – wiping dust off the camera body, letting a model sit on it on location so as to avoid dirt etc on their outfit, just to name two.


5. What is next on your gear wish list?

Not sure.

Over to you all  :)


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