I recently started offering maternity sessions after the encouragement of a woman who loved my newborn photography.  So I studied and read and followed many Pinterest boards with lots of ideas.  She was a beautiful momma and I loved taking her photos but when I was in the throes of editing I saw so many things I wish I did differently.  She loved them and for that I was honored.  Since then I’ve done several other maternity shoots, each one learning from the other.  Now I am sort of wondering, how do I make my maternity photography more… interesting, pleasing, sought after?

Then I found this blog.  Lori Dorman Photography

The most gorgeous, glamorous maternity photography I have visited (not to mention newborn and families) and now I am so inspired… lace momma gown?  here I come,  bold colors, white fabrics, sun glare, ruffles, softness, love, joy, you name it – I can’t get enough of it.  Enjoy and be inspired.