Adobe released a significant update to Lightroom today to coincide with their yearly AdobeMAX conference in Los Angeles.  The Lightroom CC 2015.2 and Lightroom 6.2 releases have several changes and potential pitfalls that have even caused some suggesting users hold off on updating.  I installed the update, but have yet to experience any of the bugs mentioned in the link.

Import Dialog

The most obvious change has come to the Import dialog. In an attempt to make the import process more user-friendly, Adobe has added a full-screen interface, followed by a more simplified selection area. Here you select the media or location of the photos you want to import.

New Lightroom Import Dialog

UPDATE: You can bypass this screen by going to Edit / Preferences / General and unchecking the Show “Add Photos” screeen option.

add photos

In the image selection area, the panels users are used to seeing are still available, hidden under the folder icon in the top left and the gear icon top right.

Import Dialog Box

The new work flow is this:

  1. Go to File -> Import Photos and Video
  2.  Select your source by clicking the icon
  3. Open the Panels if needed
  4. Select photos
  5. Click import

For those who are using my organization method this means making sure a couple of settings under the gear icon are correctly set.

I highly suggest allowing Lightroom to Organize By Date and setting the date format to 2015/2015-10-05 (as example.)organization


This will allow Lightroom to organize your images in whatever subfolder you select, create subfolders by year (2015, 2016, etc.) and subfolders inside those by day. This provides an easy to transverse folder structure.

Notice that many features have been removed from the import dialog:

  • Move – You can only add photos from their current location or copy photos to a new one, you cannot move images from one location to another.
  • Duplicates – While you can view previously imported images, you cannot import them easily.
  • Folder Structure/Available Space – The folder structure of your destination has been removed, along with the information about the drive it was on.
  • Filename Preview – has been removed.
  • Eject After Import – You must eject camera cards from the operating system.
  • Zoom – You must now double-click on an image to zoom in on it.
  • Filenames – Image file names are no longer shown in the import window.

New Features

Several new features have been added to Lightroom:

  • Dehaze Slider for Local Adjustments – The wonderful Dehaze feature added in the previous update has now been extended to the local adjustment tools including brush, gradient filter and radial filter.
  • Photoshop Elements Import – An improved import has been provided for Photoshop Elements Catalogs.

Panorama and HDR merge have also been improved.

Camera Raw 9.2

Camera Raw 9.2 and Lightroom now support the following Cameras:

  • DxO ONE
  • Leica S (Typ 007)
  • Olympus E-M10 Mark II
  • Sony A7SM2 (ILCE-7SM2)

Also there’s been added tethering for the Leica M Monochrom and dozens of lens profiles have been added. (The full list can be found here.)

If you a user of Photoshop, but not Lightroom, I highly recommend you download the Adobe Camera Raw 9.2 update.


You can download the update through the Creative Cloud application. If you do not see the update, log out of the application and log back in.

You’ll find much more about this update at The Lightroom Queen’s blog, and some great videos documenting the changes at Sean McCormack’s site.

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