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Im a keen hobbyist photographer based in Newport Pagnell, Buckinghamshire.I’ve always enjoyed taking photos but only really on point and shoot cameras set to Auto, until a friend of mine took an Open University photography course and I saw the improvements she made when taking photos i just had to do the course myself and in September 2011 I embarked on their 3 month intensive course, T189 Digital Photography.
I did a lot better than i thought and the final exam was in two parts, a written component which was judged as Excellent, and also i had to submit a panel of images that were judged as , Visual Awareness – Excellent, and Technical Ability – Outstanding. My total pass mark was 95% which i believe was the joint second highest out of the 500 students that took the course.After the Open University course i was well and truly hooked and took photos of numerous subjects; cars, planes, macro, portraits, seascapes…i also joined a website where you take a photo day called Project 365, you can see my project here 365 Project which has kept me active in my photography but i still had a hunger to learn more and by chance i discovered a local studio that was about to start running some workshops by a photographer Andrew Appleton, who i’d never heard of at the time (sorry Andrew). I booked onto a workshop called Introduction to Studio Lighting and was so impressed with Andrew and his team that i have since done his workshops on, Boudoir, Portrait Lighting, Beauty & Fashion, Mastering Speedlights and a 2 day Cinematic Styles Workshop. I have a few other workshops that I have yet to do and have to say that I’m really looking forward to doing them.I also joined The Guild Of Photographers in October 2012 as i wanted to learn more and become more professional in my photography and was overwhelmed to win the title of Photographer Of The Year in the open category for 2013, runner up of the overall Photographer Of The Year 2013.CheetaML

I have also gained my ‘Qualified’ status with the Guild Of Photographers, was awarded a prestigious Gold Bar award for one of my images during 2013 and have also acquired lifetime membership to The Guilds ‘Photographers Bar’ which in the words of The Guild is a ‘unique distinction awarded to those photographers who have successfully had images assessed by the Guild over the course of a year, and attained a score equating to an award for each entry made, thereby evidencing an exceptional level of professional skill and consistency – a distinction that is very difficult to achieve!!’

Im still at a stage where I photograph what I like, which I guess is the great thing about being a keen hobbyist, there’s no pressure!

Anyway, that’s basically my photo journey so far, hope I haven’t bored you too much :-)


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Lighting & Photography Specialist
Google+ keen hobbyist photographer. Take photos of anything , portraits, landscapes, animals, birds, aircraft, Stormtroopers..... Got into photography at the end of 2011 when i took an Open University photography course. Been hooked ever since. Im now a Qualified Member of The Guild Of Photographers and won their Photographer Of The Year (Open Category) in 2013 and was also runner up in the overall Photographer Of The Year (multi Genre) 2013. My main passion is wildlife but i take photos of most things. Photographer Of The Year (Open Category) 2013 with The Guild Of Photographers. Runner up overall Photographer Of The Year (multi genre) 2013 with The Guild Of Photographers. 4th place Photographer Of The Year with The Guild Of Photographers for 2015