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Today will be a 2 blog feature. Today we will feature both Nikon and Canon’s blogs at once. We are not about to embark upon the war of Canon Vs Nikon. The respect for both are equal. I shoot Nikon but would shoot Canon in a heartbeat and love it equally. For this reason I bring you both their blogs to enjoy at once. Did you even know they had a blog site? They do and the information they bring is fantastic!


Canon’s Blog



Canon’s blog has a very technical appearance to it. Right off you get to either sort with the options up top or you can scroll through the many posts – browsing what catches your eye best.

When you choose the option you want to read and look at the post – it is a narrow writing area – but they still post some beautiful images to support their posts, like Jim Rose here about Backyard Bird Photography Tips


Nikon Blog


When Nikon had an issue with the D600 oil on shutter they released an official notice about the problem and had people return the camera for repair. Official Repair Call


D600 Sensor oil spots



You will find articles and video’s. This video came out when Nikon released the D750:

The Nikon D750 from Andrew Reid on Vimeo.

Clicking on the images will take you to the different blog (posts), by opening a new tab.  You cannot go wrong reading either of their blogs. I find myself reading from both because they have some very good artists with excellent tips.

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