I have had this idea of perspective in my head for a while.

Perspective can mean so many different things to different people.  Our ideas shape our art.  Our personalities shape our art.  Our perspective shapes our art.  It is one of the many components that make us unique in our field, and it will attract the clients we want, based on what appeals to their eye.  This week I want you to stretch your imagination out!  Try NEW perspectives!  Get low, get high!  Do something you wouldn’t normally do.


In this shot I was lying on some really uncomfortable rocks, and the log is MUCH LARGER than it appears in this image.  Why?  Perspective.

Bonnie Hill Photography Macro Wedding

This was the inside of a flower; I was trying to get the perspective of a bug.  I used some extension tubes along with my 50 mm on my Nikon, on manual, since I had the extension tubes on.

There are many different types of perspective, but my favorite, (that I haven’t tried!) is forced.  This is a link to a blog about forced perspective: http://www.thephotoargus.com/tips/5-tips-for-creating-excellent-forced-perspective-photographs/.  I haven’t personally done any forced perspective, so this challenge is to myself as well.  I look forward to seeing your unique creations.  Remember as you are planning your perspective shoot, to have an end result in mind.  That will help you as you go about the planning aspect.

PS.  I want this all in camera!!!!! No composites!

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See you soon.