Hello and welcome to a truly pixeLess Thursday. For most of us analogue cameras are just ghost from the past, a reference used to point out that one is „in the business“ for longer than the digital age lasts. And of course there’s nothing new to find in analogue equipment, right?
Well, not so if you’re Kelli Anderson, an artist/designer and tinkerer. Kelli draws, photographs, cuts, prints, codes, and creates a variety of designed things for herself and others. Her studio even houses a 1919 letterpress. Kelli, who is an amazingly creative person (you just need to check out her website at at kellianderson.com. She recently dived into analogue photography and came up with one of the most amazing ideas I’ve seen for quite some time: a camera in a book.
This book really is a working camera embedded in an educational pop-up book working camera embedded in an educational pop-up book and is essentially called This Book is a Camera.

The book itself comes with detailed instructions and a starter pack of B/W Ilford photo paper (any 4×5” or smaller light-sensitive material can be used). There is nothing to assemble, but if you want to use it as more than a book, you need to feel alright with the concept of pouring developer into an old takeout food container and sloshing it around in the dark… while counting.
I won’t tell you all the details, as they are meticulously described on the website. You can see a lot of image there and some videos about the camera. If you’re a DIY tyoe of person, you can even download and print the cut of the camera and build one yourself…

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