It’s pixeLobby’s first Holiday Season, and as a follow-up to our Christmas podcast, we want to share with you our wants (and recommendations) for photographers and designers this year!


Cindy Wilkerson

01_8300S_frnt_E copyThis Christmas, Cindy is recommending a large-format printing solution from Canon. The imagePROGRAF iPF8400S is a 44″ print for printing high-quality prints on  a variety of papers.  There’s a great rebate on this printer ($800!) until 12/23/2015, that brings the price to $3599.  If that’s out of the price range, consider the Pro-1000, a 17″ x 22″ professional printer for photographers and designers. The Pro-1000 retails for $1299.

projectoAs a stocking-stuffer, you can’t beat the Projecto, Instagram projector.  Only $39.98, this cute little device projects printed copies of your Instagram photos!

Cindy also wants to send her camera in for cleaning at Northwest Camera Repair. Today’s digital camera’s sensors can get dirty easily and a professional cleaning.


Micah Burke

a7riiFor Christmas this year, I highly recommend the Sony A7rII mirrorless camera. Holy Cow! This is the holy grail of mirrorless cameras… The Sony A7rII has a 42.4 megapixel CMOS sensor with massive range and light gathering ability plus 4K video.  A full-frame camera, this is a professional camera for professional results, it has a 90% rating and gold award at  Yes, it retails (body only) for $3200, but it’s worth it.  If the A7RII is too far out of the price range, consider the A7II, $1698, still a full-frame camera but only 24.3 megapixels but very similar otherwise to the A7RII.

As a stocking-stuffer, I recommend high-speed SD cards (to use with the new camera!)  SanDisk is still the leading SD card maker, and right now you can pick up a 64 GB card for $43 at B&H.  Get two, they’re small!


Jesús Ramirez

micro3dJesus is wanting the Micro by M3D, 3D printer! This was a very successful Kickstarter campaign and has now gone public with their product. Available in a variety of colors, the M3D provides 3D printing to the masses at a reasonable price of $349. Jesus is looking forward to creating 3D models in Photoshop and outputting them as 3D models.  You can use existing 3D models, purchase others or create your own.

For a stocking-stuffer, you can always get more filament for the 3D printer, and print in a variety of colors or even get color-changing filament!



Ed Ward

61kzJPoEBpL._SL1500_Ed’s pick this year is a StudioPRO Photo/Video Muslin Backdrop. An inexpensive backdrop for photography and video that can provide different looks and even green screen capability. Good quality and only $75 for 3 colors at 6′ x 9′.

SPK32-001_2048x2048And for only $45 throw in a StudioPro 5 in 1 Expandable Reflector Arm Kit. Includes a stand, expandable reflector arm and collapsible reflectors in black, white, silver, gold and translucent (reflectors are 22″ when expanded.) Get that small starter-studio going!

For a stocking stuffer, Ed’s pick is the Creative GigaWorks T20 Series II 2.0 speaker set. A great set of high quality speakers for use with a computer. These have excellent response and event front jacks. The downside is you’ll need a rather large stocking! Currently reduced to $60.



Brian Mundy

phantom-3-pro@2x-f072f5a0e0268a2cd2443b92f5b6f9e7Don’t call it a drone! The DJI Phantom III – Quadcopter is perfect for video and even still photography. The DJI Phantom III is a professional level quadcopter with a stabilized 4k camera and HD app monitoring, meaning you fly the quadcopter using a tablet. The DJI Phantom III retails for $1198.  You could start learning to fly using smaller quadcopter. Brian has chosen the Hubsan x4 to train himself to fly, it retails for $56.99. 

As a stocking-stuffer, Brian has chosen the $79 Alpine Labs Pulse. A Kickstarter project, the device enables you to control camera shutter, exposure and interverlometer settings a smart phone app.

Fun Extras!  Need some additional ideas? Try these!

Fuji – Instamax Mini 8
Polaroid – Cube
usb extension cable